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Jangho is a leading Chinese curtain wall system solution provider, over the years has been committed to high-performance curtain wall product development design, manufacturing and construction, process improvement and innovation. In the development of design, manufacturing and construction and other major technology has reached the international, the leading domestic level Jangho Technology Research and development center has been identified as the Beijing Municipal Science and technology research and development, Beijing municipal enterprise technology center, China curtain wall industry enterprise technology center, China building materials industry enterprise technical innovation model. The company has been the technical innovation as the enterprise development of this, established by the " leading technology " as the leading market competition strategy, established a " R & D type, standard type, application type " three level of technology innovation system. By virtue of innovation and enterprise culture of outstanding engineering achievements, the company has cultivated a large number of proficiency in both professional and rich practical experience of experts and technical team. The company set up under the R & D center specializing in R & D, design and technology management, and chief engineer of the company leadership, under the R & D center, design center and the office of the chief engineer. R & D center is mainly responsible for the " new " ( new product, new technology, new technology ) development innovation, test and standardization of technical knowledge management, design center is mainly responsible for the bidding and construction drawing design and application stage. At present, R & D center has all kinds of professional and technical personnel more than 500, the average age of less than 30 years old; wherein, college graduates accounted for more than 80%, Master graduate student 5%. Follow the scientific development concept, and established " application type, standard type, open type " design research and development system, not only the formation of a strong R & D design team, but also long-term well-known domestic and foreign design agencies, Consultants Co established a strategic cooperative partnership. In actively introduce high-end talent at the same time, the establishment of a sound research and development project management system. Technical cooperation, and has SOM, OMA, KPF, GMP, NFA, COX, AREP, Chinese Academy of Sciences Building Design Institute, Tsinghua University and other well-known domestic and foreign design agencies maintained a long-term extensive cooperation. Product development process management, the spirit of " scientific management, realistic and pragmatic " approach, with particular emphasis on coherence, details and product oriented; in the new product development, to customer needs analysis, build public basic module, according to objective needs to use the development plan, ensure the practicability of innovation of science and technology; to build the management system of intellectual property, for the long-term development of enterprises to create environment. So far, Janghos and walls have mastered including double layer curtain wall, prestressed cable net curtain, electric retractable roof, new artificial board curtain wall, photoelectric curtain wall such as dozens of core technology, which has more than 20 as the leading domestic technology, the 11 leading international technology. In the active mastery and improvement of core technologies at the same time, Janghos and walls are also committed to a variety of practical science and technology and product development, there have been more than 50 access to the State Intellectual Property Office patents, including 7 invention patents. In the process of technological innovation, constantly sum up the Jangho, cured already some innovation, so that the internal technical system standardization, standardization, seriation. In addition, committed to the upgrading of China building curtain wall integral technology level, presided and participated in the national and industry standards, has edited and participated in the " double curtain wall ", " acceptance technical code for metal and stone curtain wall project technical specification ", " glass roof engineering application technical specification ", " Ji Youjian building curtain wall reliability appraisal and reinforcement technical specification ", " technical code for glass curtain wall engineering " JGJ102-2003, " the building curtain wall seismic shaking table test method " GB/T18575-201 preparation, has excellent scientific research personnel involved in more than 10 column industry technical standards drafting and revising, accounted for more than 70% of the industry the main technical standards. In the hardware aspect, the Janghos have invested a billion dollars to establish a full-featured enterprise technology center, and have included doors and windows, curtain wall, thermal Laboratory Laboratory Laboratory Laboratory Laboratory, structure and material of five complete scientific research center, established Chinese curtain wall industry dominance. The thermal laboratory for domestic unique, international curtain wall company also has six only, and independent research, powerful new open fan fatigue testing machine is for the domestic industry only ... ... At present, Janghos and walls laboratory has passed the international comparative ability test, become Chinese curtain wall industry's first internationally recognized CNAS export enterprise test center and post-doctoral scientific research workstation station unit, China building materials industry enterprise technical innovation model. In the process of technological innovation, adhere to the " grind with Janghos that " the concept of innovation, has established a perfect system core products -- to the construction of curtain walls, doors and windows of buildings, building shade, curtain wall steel structure, metal roofing, were formed five categories, nearly a hundred kinds of products, and includes the international top technology of double layer intelligent breathing type glass curtain wall and other high-end products, these products have been widely used in various engineering project design and construction.