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Beijing Janagho Curtain Wall Co., Ltd. has invested huge amount of money to vigorously promote informatization construction, and systematically set up an informatization structure system composed of one platform and three systems. Enterprise development, relying on informatization platform and taking information technology system as its business support, has fully raised the enterprise's modern management level and core competitiveness, and strongly boosted the reform and innovation of Janagho Curtain Wall., which has strengthened foundation for and injected new vitality to long-term development of the company.
 Informatization Leads Jangho to a New Digital Era
 Practical innovation, science and technology comes first. Beijing Janagho Curtain Wall Co., Ltd. takes the lead in building an enterprise informatization platform system which represents the forefront science and technology in the industry. The establishment of the IT infrastructure platform has provided a solid guarantee for realization of the business system. The seamless integration of the three business systems has effectively covered all links of business running, and has realized a fine management of company Operations.
 Enterprise Resource Planning Management System
ERP system has integrated and optimized all types of resources within the corporate, and set up a globally unified work flow, to control corporate business in a centralized manner, improve project operation efficiency and insight, improve business analysis and financial analysis capacity, and control and manage risks, so that optimal integration of resources can be achieved, providing support and services to strategic decision of the company.
 Product Lifecycle Management System
PLM system provides a convenient collaborative research and development and design platform for product structure management, document management, plan management, project management, quality management,and project change management in product production cycle. Through close integration of PLM system and the ERP system, the validity, seriousness, and uniqueness of system data have been assured, thereby improving the standardization level, research and development efficiency and quality control of product.
 KOA and Knowledge Management System
Integration of Knowledge Office Automation (KOA) system, enterprise mailbox, and RTX instant messaging system has unified the company's organization structure, solidified the management process and part of the business process. It provides an uniform business treatment center and process approval platform for the company,summarizes, accumulates, and shares all types of explicit and implicit knowledges of the enterprise, which has improved overall work efficiency and innovation awareness.
 IT Infrastructure Platform
The system has established a special line network covering all subsidiaries around the world, and set up a cluster of servers, to provide all types of digital, audio and video services by cloud computing, virtual memory technique, WAN VPN acceleration, and other means, and by blending techniques of network security authentication, document encryption, and security audit. It provides effective software and hardware, and network infrastructure assurance for globalized collaborative management and operations.