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Winning on the Starting Line Through Advanced Management
During the cooperation with world-famous architectural companies and project owners, Jangho has taken the lead in introducing state-of-the-art project management system and operation model, and established an informationalized KM&CC management platform. To maximize customers’ interests, a full-range integration and control is conducted on production, construction progress, contract performance, logistic supply and human resource, which has remarkably streamlined its business procedures, improved project management efficiency and laid a solid groundwork for ensuring quality projects and creating an extraordinary brand.
 Complete Project Management System
 Project Management Platform
P6 E/C project management platform has brought the efficiency of project management and construction to a new height. By using P6 multi-grade planning mode in multi-project progress planning, a WBS-backed plan detailed from the rough to the refined and based on specific features of the project progress comes to shape in terms of EPS, projects, WBS, tasks and procedures. All levels of management can check the project plan that meets their own management needs as well as project execution progress.In this way, project progress, cost and plans are controlled, resources
are optimally distributed, project risk forewarning is improved, and the management is more standardized and transparent.
 Project Management Team withan International Background
Jangho has a rich pool of senior project management professionals, including outstanding ones attracted from China and abroad with high payment. Moreover, Jangho has kept long-term strategic partnership with famous design companies and consulting firms around the world,and cooperated with foreign designers in nearly 100 projects, which has given birth to a mature and worldclass project management team.