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Jangho has established three large scale manufacturing plants in Beijing,Shanghai and Guangzhou. Which are among the top class in China and are in a world leading position. Equipped with the most advanced and complete curtain wall and aluminum door & window production lines, and supported by strong testing and inspection centers. These plants strictly comply with international quality control standards, and realize the comprehensive standardization in curtain wall technology, manufacturing and processing, construction and installation as well as experimenting and testing, thus laying a foundation for better meeting the requirements of the customers and maximizing the value for the customers.
Guided by the global strategic layout of the three core industrial plants, Jangho has built up factories with corresponding supportive facilities in Chongqing and Wuhan which has fully strengthened the trans-shipment, assembling and after-sales capability in Southwest China, realized localized Service, enhanced domestic and overseas supporting, and improved the core competitiveness of Jangho.
Every day, tens of thousands of curtain wall products are delivered to the world from the three plants and supporting facilities through Jangho’s rapid and complete logistic system. bringing high quality curtain wall products and services to the project proprietors, and sharing the high-tech products with the customers around the world!

Chengdu Plant