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The steelwork of curtain wall is used to support the curtain wall system, which is characterized by its light weight and short construction period, etc. compared with the main steel structure. It is comprised of three types, namely, plain steel supporting system,light steel supporting system and pre-stress facade steel supporting system. Currently, Jangho’s steelwork structure design and construction technology has been ranked among the world leaders in the field and has been awarded class A for its design.
 Product Characteristics
● Advanced design: The product adopts the most advanced design methods which can fully
exert steel mechanical properties and save lots of steel.
● Novel structure: The structure is rather ingenious and greatly expands architectural space
and shows a strong sense of the times.
● Fast installation: The components are standard and sophisticated, and the installation is
simple, fast and safe.
● Mature technology: Mature technical system matched with perfect construction technology.