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Metal roofing perfectly combines the lighting and ventilation with architectural art; it fully interprets clean and bright natural environment as well as novel and unique artistic form of the modern architecture. Currently, Jangho has applied air garden, glass dome, glass skylight, building roof, etc. in many project designs.
 Product Characteristics
● Brand new systematic design integrates the structural security into the architectural art.
● Advanced technology of leak-proof, water-proof and anti-condensation that can fully display the beauty of architectural glass.
● The advanced energy-saving green design ensures mankind’s closeness to nature as well as reduction of power consumption and damages.
● The integration of many new technologies (fire-proof, anti-corrosion, sun-shading and controlling) improves the safety and applicability of the building roof.
 Products Classification
1. Roof sealed with sealant: Roof system using on-site filling waterproof sealant, such as glass skylight, aluminum veneer and roof.
2. Component structure supporting roof: Connecting the roof system that not applied with sealant with themethodology of water proof, such as outstanding seam roof system.
3. Polymer roof: A waterproof polyurethane rigid foam roof system.