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Jangho Leads another Landmark Building in Chongqing
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Recently, a piece of good news came out that Jangho was chosen to undertake the 88000m2 curtain wall project of ChongQing Raffles City which lies between Chantianmen Square and Jiefangbei  (Monument of Liberation), the core area of Chongqing city. The types of curtain wall are composed of glass curtain wall, aluminum cladding, aluminum alloy grilling system, aluminum alloy handrail system and aluminum alloy window.
\As a new landmark building, this project was designed by the world famous building master Moshe Safdie. The height of podium buildings are 350m and 250m, and on the top of the building, there is a 400m-long crystal bridge spanning 4 podium buildings, forming an integral shape of sailing ship representing the spirit of Chongqing. When completed, this project will be a place where people enjoy delicious food, shopping, entertainment and accommodation.