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" Standardization, systematization, globalization" development strategy:
Standardization, the standardization of technology and management. Company standard is not only the design of standardization, and the standardization of the management. Standards should be applied to project management, marketing management, business management, human resources management, financial management and other systems link, make standardization finally to carry out all aspects of business operation. In future work, standardization as an important strategic direction to advance.
The system, namely system of products. Jangho system includes two aspects: the concept of a company is to thirteen years in the curtain on the sedimentation value and essence extracted, development and implementation of systematic technology, modular production, fool-style installation, curtain wall products of systematic realization. Two is to the system of career direction, the company curtain wall industry a unique system of experience is copied to other related industries, resulting in the formation of a new type of green building system, and the creative design for the lead, to the manufacturing factory as the basis, to fool for the installation of signs.
Globalization, the globalization of business. By the company prior to the internationalization strategy to expand the globalization strategy. Future Ltd's business objective is to the layout of the global market, the company's products to the gradual deepening of global each country, make full use of the global business market and resource, does not rely on a single country, single market, single country, avoid single region the adverse market factors to the company's business to bring tremendous influence.